Stay Alive! A Smoke Detector you can Feel?

Screenshot 2018-09-11 12.30.14There are on average 358,500 home fires a year in the US.  On average 7 people die in home fires per day in the US. Most of those are due to no smoke detector present, or a smoke detector that isn’t plugged in or doesn’t have batteries. But, what do you do if you cannot hear your smoke detector? What if you are deaf, or have hearing loss that makes the nighttime completely silent for you? Or what if you are just such a heavy sleeper that you do not hear anything at night?

Not hearing the smoke or CO detector, can be a life-threatening situation for you – what options do you have?

There are a few different options for you, they are called signaling systems, and most have similar features to one another.  But, the device with the most options, customizations, and features is called the HomeAware.

The HomeAware, at its core, is a device that will signal you to the smoke and CO detector, your alarm, and your phone while you are sleeping.  There are many additional add-on pieces that allow you to be alerted to many different things throughout your house, but lets first focus on the basics.

Flashing Lights, Scrolling Display, and Super Strong Bed Shaker to Shake you Awake


Screenshot 2018-09-11 12.32.14The Homeaware listens for your existing smoke detectors in your home. So you do not need to spend any additional dollars on a smoke detector, as long as yours is working, the HomeAware will hear it.




It will flash a strobe light in your room, say the word smoke, and shake the bed with the provided bed shaker that can be placed under the pillow or between the mattress and box spring.  It also has a super loud 110 dB alarm that is much louder than the traditional 85 dB of a smoke detector,  It is also much closer to you than the smoke detector, so if you can hear a little – this is a great option for you.

Screenshot 2018-09-11 13.14.35The HomeAware has so many more options for you if you are hard of hearing or, deaf.  Here is a list:







For more information about the HomeAware click here, or visit

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